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Global Forum for Health Research  --  VISIT
 Hits: 22Updated:
Thu 02/16/2012 @ 09:31

Dedicated to increasing research for improvement of health in developing countries. Features news, publications, events calendar, access to HR4D-net (Health Research for Development) e-mail discussion group.


Database of Caribbean HIV/AIDS Research  --  VISIT
 Hits: 77Updated:
Mon 02/06/2012 @ 04:14

CHRC has produced the Database of Caribbean HIV/AIDS Research to facilitate access to published research on the HIV/ AIDS epidemic as it affects Caribbean people.  It is an electronic database, with each record showing a different document or source of information.  It is available in two formats: Endnote Version and Greenstone Version. The latter is a free bibliographic software developed by UNESCO.


West Indian Medical Journal  --  VISIT
 Hits: 44Updated:
Fri 12/09/2011 @ 09:18

The West Indian Medical Journal is published bi-montly by The University of the West Indies. Its purpose is to provide information of relevance to the Caribbean in a wide range of disciplines in or related to the health sciences, thereby facilitating communication between works in these fields, and contributing to improved healthcare. The Journal therefore publishes original scientific evidence, reviews, debates, case reports, brief communications, letters and commentaries. Most of the articles are submitted at the authors' initiative but some are solicited by the Editor-in-Chief. All papers submitted to the Journal are reviewed by an Edital Committee and at last one referee. Unless expressly stated, the Editorial Board does not accept responsibility for authors' opinions.

Its abbreviated title is West Indian Med. J., which should be used in bibliographies, footnotes and bibliographical references and strips.


Health Scientific Communication  --  VISIT
 Hits: 3Updated:
Fri 12/09/2011 @ 09:16

Thematic VHL contributes to the development of indicators to follow-up the flow of scientific communication in Latin America and the Caribbean. Includes database searches on subjects related to health scientific communication, documents related to science publishing, related sites, directories of institutions and of scientific meetings.


Health Research Web (HRWeb) – COHRED  --  VISIT
 Hits: 14Updated:
Fri 12/09/2011 @ 09:15

Health Research Web (HRWebis a web-based, interactive platform aimed at improving health, equity and development through research. HRWeb is particularly aimed at research focusing on improving health in low and middle income countries and populations, but it will be useful to high income countries as well. 

Health Research Web is a web-based information and management platform and, as a means to that end, also an online community of people interested in building a high-quality information and management system in a spirit of mutual respect and in pursuit of 'health for all' by enabling all who work for health, equity and development through research to find, use and share information needed to achieve their goals. Our inspiration came from a research management information system developed for and with the directorate of Science and Technology - DECIT of the Science, Technology and Strategic Inputs of the Ministry of Health in Brazil.

HRWeb is a growing source of information on the structure, organisation, financing and prioritisation of research for health in and for low and middle income countries. It is not primarily a research database – these can be found elsewhere. Instead, HRWeb's unique contributions are that:

  1. it organises global information on research for health from the point of view of low and middle income countries;
  2. it captures research system information – enabling countries and institutions to govern and manage health research as an essential aspect of increasing health, equity and development;
  3. it makes this domain interactive, open to the public – to everyone – not just to research institutions, donors or industry; and
  4. it creates a platform that can be used for internal institutional management or for sharing institutional, national or regional data with the world.

A new and developing service from COHRED. Potentially good source of health research policies – currently available for low and middle-income countries.


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