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    Caribbean Health Research Council

    What We Do

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    Caribbean Health Research Agency


    The CARPHA Research Grants Programme is one of its mechanisms to build health research capacity in the Caribbean.  It is a facility whereby junior/budding researchers are given funding to assist in the conduct of small studies.  Often, these studies are expanded on the basis of the initial findings into larger projects for which support may be sought from funding agencies with larger budgets.  Projects proposals are expected to address areas identified as Regional priority as defined by the Caribbean Cooperation in Health (CCH).  The priority program areas for CCH III are:

    • Chronic Diseases
    • Communicable Diseases
    • Family & Community Health
    • Mental Health
    • Environmental Health
    • Food and Nutrition
    • Strengthening Health Systems
    • Human Resource Development


    Any worker in the Caribbean who proposes to study a problem, which is related to the health of the Caribbean people, is eligible to apply for a research grant.  However, priority is given to young/budding researchers or established researchers who are mentoring a junior.

    Format and Timing of Applications

    Applications must be made on the requisite forms (available on this website).  They are reviewed at meetings of the Scientific and Management Committee of the CARPHA/CHRC, held in January, April and October of each year.  Deadline for submissions of proposals to be reviewed at these meetings are:

    • November 1st
    • March 1st
    • September 1st

    Use of Funds

    Grants are not intended to replace existing resources or necessarily to meet the entire cost of research projects.

    Note that the CARPHA will NOT provide:

    • Administrative costs
    • The cost of unspecified research
    • Standard laboratory apparatus
    • Long-term technical support


    Large items of equipment bought with CARPHA funds remain the property of the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA).  CARPHA, at the termination of a project, may request that such equipment be returned, for use by other researchers.  However, if grantees wish to use the equipment for other studies, they may apply to CARPHA for permission to do so.


    One of the conditions of the awards is that annual reports must be presented.  Depending on the length of the grant, progress reports should be submitted every six (6) months.  The final report should comprise the following:

    • Abstract (1 page)
    • Executive Summary (3 pages)
    • Full Research Report (no more than 25 pages)
      • Introduction
      • Methods
      • Results
      • Discussion
      • References
      • Tables/Figures
      • Implications for Practice (specify target audience)
      • Implications for Policy (specify target audience)
      • Directions for Future Research

    The Executive Summary/Abstract of research studies funded by the CARPHA/CHRC will be posted on its website. 


    All publications arising from research conducted using funds from the CARPHA should acknowledge that support.

    Value of Awards

    The CARPHA will not normally make grants in excess of US$10,000.

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