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    Caribbean Health Research Council

    What We Do

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    Caribbean Health Research Agency

    You are here: About Us > CHRC Council Members

    Scientific Secretaries

    Professor A. Hennis
    Professor E. LeFranc
    Dr. T. Maitland
    Dr. N. Persaud
    Professor D. Ramdath
    Professor Minerva Thame
    Chronic Disease Research Centre, UWI, Barbados
    Professor Emeritus, UWI, Jamaica
    Ministry of Health, Turks & Caicos Islands
    Management Sciences for Health, Guyana
    Guelph Food Research Centre, Canada
    Child Health Department, UWI, Jamaica


    Sir Keith Hunte

    Representatives of the following organizations:

    Caribbean Community Secretariat [CARICOM]
    Medical Research Council [MRC], UK
    The University of the West Indies [2]
    University of Guyana

    Elected Members

    Professor AA. Jackson
    Dr. V. Goel 
    Department of Health, London, UK
    Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion, Canada


    Caribbean Epidemiology Centre [CAREC]
    Caribbean Food and Nutrition Institute [CFNI]
    Caribbean Public Health Agency [CARPHA]
    Caribbean Public Health Association [CARIPHA]
    Council on Health Research for Development [COHRED]
    Fogarty International Centre, USA
    Ministry of Health, The Netherlands Antilles
    Pan American Health Organization [PAHO/WHO]
    Tropical Medicine Research Institute
    Windward Islands Research & Education Foundation
    Dr. B. Irons, Director
    Dr. F. Henry, Director
    Dr. J. Walcott, Project Manager
    Dr. S. Rawlins
    Dr. C. Ijsselmuiden, Director
    Dr. R. Glass, Director
    Dr. I. Gerstenbluth
    Dr. E. Pate, Caribbean Programme Coordinator
    Professor T. Forrester, Director
    Professor C. Macpherson, Director
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